Charge of the Earth Goddess

Listen to the words of the Earth Mother. Know me. I have had many names. Some call me Gaia and others Rhea or Cybele, while to many I am simply known as the Mother, for I am the Earth. I am the bringer of fertility and I preside over the whole cycle of being: planting, growth and harvest; birth, growth, decline, death and rebirth.

I am the great matrix of Nature and my spirit flows throughout it, connecting it into a unified, sacred whole.

My magic flows throughout the world – every uncurling oak leaf in spring, every humming summer bee, every rutting stag, every misty shore.

The land beneath your feet is not merely dirt, but a fountain of energy that sustains animals, plants and people. All space is sacred space because it is my body.

I am the Mother of all living, and my love is poured out upon the Earth.  All life, all creation is sacred. This is a truth that you cannot challenge or change without diminishing yourself. You are not separate from Nature – or above it – but part of it. All life is equal; if the deaths of animals and plants are meaningless, then so is yours. You must learn to honour the divinity in all things if you are to honour the divinity in yourself.

Honour your spirit, but know that you are also a physical being, alive and vital in my beautiful creation, able to see, hear, touch, taste and feel. Life is not a punishment or a fallen state in which the soul has become imprisoned in matter, but a wonderful gift to be explored and enjoyed. Powerful forces have united to make a gateway for your spirit to incarnate, grow and transform.

I am the all-encompassing source of life. Within me, there is no separation, no judgement, one being is not better or superior to another. I exist within you and without you, and my nurturing flow of life is always available to heal, balance and vitalise, for you are my own child.

© Anna Franklin, The Hearth Witch’s Year, Llewellyn, 2021

Illustration © Anna Franklin, Pagan Ways Tarot, Schiffer, 2015


Author: annafranklinblog

Anna Franklin is the High Priestess of the Hearth of Arianrhod, which runs teaching circles, a working coven, and the annual Mercian Gathering, a Pagan camp which raises money for charity. She regularly speaks at conferences, moots and workshops around the country. She is the author of many books on witchcraft and Paganism, including the popular Pagan Ways Tarot, Sacred Circle Tarot, The Fairy Ring, Herb Craft, Magical Incenses and Oils, Personal Power, A Romantic Guide to Handfasting, Familiars, The Oracle of the Goddess, Hearth Witch, The Path of the Shaman and The Hearth Witch’s Compendium. Anna’s books have been translated into nine languages.

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